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Lab Director

  • anearl Allison Earl

    Dr. Earl received her BA in Anthropology and BS in Psychology from the University of Florida, and her PhD in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Michigan, and the director of the University of Michigan Health, Attitudes, and Influence Lab (HAILab). Dr. Earl is also a Faculty Associate at the University of Michigan’s Research Center for Group Dynamics, and a Faculty Affiliate of the Joint Program in Social Work and Psychology.

    The overarching goal of Dr. Earl’s research program is to better understand what we pay attention to and why, and how to best use this knowledge to increase attention to health promotion programs, particularly for high-risk audiences. She uses a variety of methodologies to address these questions, including experimental work, survey, unobtrusive observation, meta-analysis, and psychophysiological methods (e.g., Event-Related Potentials).

    For an overview of current research in the lab, please see the Projects page.

Graduate Students

  • DJhauser_web Dave Hauser

    David is a doctoral student in the Social Psychology Department. His research interests typically revolve around how minor aspects of a situation can have profound affects on thinking and judgment. For instance, the weight of a clipboard can affect how important you think a survey is, and the inclusion of certain standard survey questions can affect the mindset you bring to a survey. One primary area of research in on how we use metaphors to understand relatively abstract concepts in terms of more concrete, easier-to-understand ones. While media and everyday discourse may often employ conceptual metaphors to portray a more vivid story or encourage certain actions, my research suggests that these metaphors may ultimately hurt our understanding of these concepts.

  • NeilLewis Neil Lewis

    Neil Lewis Jr is a second year doctoral student in Social Psychology at the University of Michigan. Broadly, he is interested in how information about our social environments impacts motivation, judgments, and decisions. In one line of research, he examines the influence of subtle environmental cues on motivation and behavior. In a second line of research he examines the role of identity salience in goal pursuit. In a third line of research, he examines the effects of selective attention biases on attitude formation and change. Prior to his arrival in Ann Arbor, he earned in Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Psychology at Cornell University.

    Advisors: Dr. Denise Sekaquaptewa, Dr. Daphna Oyserman, Dr. Allison Earl
  • MikeHall Mike Hall

    Mike is a second year PhD student in Social Psychology at the University of Michigan. In his work with Dr. Earl in HAILab, he is largely interested in attitude change and the mechanisms of attitude change. Currently, Mike is studying attitudes on gun control and how those attitudes may be influenced by the framing of the issue. Mike also studies psychology and law with Dr. Phoebe Ellsworth, with whom he is working on studies of the effect of race on juries in a criminal courtroom. Mike is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and is an avid runner, cyclist, and skier.

    Undergrad: Tufts University, B.S. in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude (Advisor: Sam Sommers)


  • ChrissyCarino Chrissy Carino

    Research Interests: Broadly, I’m interested in applying social psychological research to the study of health behaviors. One primary line of research deals with examining the impact of certain message characteristics (e.g., action vs. inaction goals, approach vs. avoidance motivation, defense vs. impression motives) on the attention to and processing of health-based messages. The goal of such projects is to develop more effective health communications.  A second line of research deals with the role of stereotype threat in racial health disparities. While previous research has examined the impact of racism and perceived or actual discrimination on minority health outcomes, research has yet to examine the impact of stereotype threat. I believe this is an important distinction because stereotype threat effects can exist even when there is no perceived racism or discrimination.

    Advisors: Allison Earl and Denise Sekaquaptewa

    Undergrad: Cornell University – B.A. in Psychology and Economics, Magna Cum Laude (Advisors: Tom Gilovich, Melissa Ferguson, and David Pizarro)

  • Sarah Sarah Erickson

    Sarah Erickson is a Ph. D. Candidate at the University of Michigan in the Communication Studies Department. Sarah is broadly interested in media effects on adolescents and adolescent use of media with a specific focus on sexual socialization and fan/media interactions. Her work has examined the role of exposure to teen romantic media in acceptance of intimate partner and sexual violence and she has also sought to describe and quantify media contexts containing scripts related to sexual and intimate partner violence. Currently, she is working on several projects examining romantic parasocial relationships with media characters, the fan practices surrounding these relationships and the impact of parasocial romance on media influence and, ultimately, on scripts, schemas and normative beliefs about romantic and sexual relationships. Additional areas of interest include the importance of new media in youth culture, the role of media in the development, articulation and enactment of gender in children and adolescents, and the policy implications of this work.  Sarah is originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has a B.A. in Art and Archaeology from Princeton University.  She is an avid hiker and tennis player, loves yoga and has an elderly springer spaniel named Clover.

  • BrandonValentine Brandon Valentine

    Brandon is a 4th year PhD student in the Personality & Social Context area of Psychology. He is primarily interested in understanding the intersectional identities of queer people of color as well as stigmatized sexual health. Additionally, Brandon researches the beneficial aspects of mindfulness and loving kindness; specifically, how these practices relate to improving the lived experiences of people of color and queer individuals.

Lab Manager

  • 603765_10201093118188620_2064770409_n Andrew Moore

    Andrew works as Dr. Earl’s lab manager in the HAI-Lab. After receiving his B.A. from The College of Idaho, in his home state in 2013, he relocated to Ann Arbor to pursue further research experience while preparing for graduate school. Andrew has previously worked as a lab manager in Dr. Meredith Minear’s Applied Cognition and Learning Lab, and has assisted several studies conducted out of UofM’s Institute for Social Research. Andrew is broadly interested in social cognition and decision making, and how they are affected by stigma and other forms of influence.

Undergraduate Students

  • DSCF1911 Shao Wei Chia

    Shao Wei is a Junior interested in Child Developmental Psychology, specifically in Social Development. Shao Wei will be working on his Honors Thesis during the Fall 2013 semester, and he hopes to graduate with a Master of Science in Psychology from U of M via the Accelerated Degree Program (ADP).

  • MichaelaGreen Michaela Green

    Michaela is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at the University of Michigan. She is interested in going into Clinical Psychology while obtaining a PsyD.  Her ultimate career goal is to create her own practice and help people deal with their daily life problems.

  • DSCF1963_2 Nora Greenstein

    Nora is in the class of 2015, majoring in Psychology and minoring in History. She is interested specifically in social psychology and targeting advertisements and attitudes towards health and health-related behavior. Nora plans to write an honors thesis in her senior year while continuing to assist the HAILab throughout the rest of her time at the University of Michigan.

  • DSCF1920 Greg Morsfield

    Greg is a sophomore Psychology major with two years of experience in both Dr. Ethan Kross’ and Dr. Allison Earl’s labs. His future research goals include looking forward to writing an honors thesis, with interests in how our attributions of the world around us (specifically about other people) relate to emotional and mental health.

  • LaurenOlswanger Lauren Olswanger

    Lauren is a sophomore psychology major working as a research assistant in the HAIL lab.  She is interested in social psychology and is excited to continue working in the lab throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2013.

  • DSCF1940 Mollie Pester

    Mollie is a Class of 2015 LSA student majoring in psychology at the University of Michigan. Mollie is interested in social psychology research with an emphasis on leading people to live healthier lives. In the future, she anticipates using her psychology and public health interest to help promote healthy lifestyles and prevent obesity through exercise and good nutrition.

  • AllyRooker Ally Rooker

    Ally is a member of the Class of 2015 studying Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience with a minor in Applied Statistics. She is broadly interested in health and eating behaviors, health promotion, and health policy. Ally plans on pursuing graduate education in Public Health and working as a public health professional.

  • ChloeSprague Chloe Sprague

    Chloe is a 2nd year undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Community Action and Social Change. She is interested in both social and clinical psychology, with more specific research interests in selective exposure, emotion regulation, as well as anxiety and mood disorders.

  • NilamTrivedi Nilam Trivedi

    Nilam is a Class of 2015 undergraduate student majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and minoring in Gender and Health. She is particularly interested in the role of psychology in the context of the health care setting– including HIV/AIDS stigmatization, reluctance to seek health care, and the methods that we can employ to solve these issues through research in the HAILab. She hopes to attend medical school after graduation.

Alumni & Former Members

  • randy Randy Dowding

    Randy is a Master of Social Work and Public Health student.  He is a Community-based Scholar in Detroit interested in understanding the barriers facing sexual minorities in obtaining mental health and medical services.  Additionally, Randy researches interventions to improve access to care, especially for stigmatized populations.   His project designs use a social justice framework and focus on collaboration with community-based partners.

    Advisors: Dr. Larry Gant and Dr. Allison Earl

    Undergrad: University of Michigan, B.G.S. Academic focus Sociology and African American Studies, with a minor in Community Action and Social Change.

  • Photo on 10-12-12 at 11.23 AM #4 Julia Briskin

    Julia worked as lab manager for Dr. Allison Earl’s Health, Attitudes & Influence Lab from 2012-2014. Julia graduated with highest distinction from the University of Michigan in April 2012, earning a B.A. with high honors in Psychology. She wrote an honors thesis on “Enabling Adaptive Social Support” with Professor Ethan Kross, Professor Oscar Ybarra, and graduate student David Lee. In 2012 and 2013, Julia worked as a dual lab manager for Dr. Ethan Kross in the Emotion Regulation & Self-Control Lab as well as Dr. Allison Earl’s Health, Attitudes & Influence Lab. She is broadly interested in how emotions, social influence, belief formation, and attitudes interact to engender or inhibit ethical behavior. Julia has started at Wayne State University’s clinical psychology program in the fall of 2014, and will be pursuing her PhD over the following years.

  • AnitaBajpai Anita Bajpai

    Anita is a member of the Class of 2014 at the University of Michigan.  Her research interests include seeing how biases and preconceived stigmas can affect patient care/treatment. Her future goals involve working with individuals in underserved and underprivileged populations.  Anita plans on attending Medical School after graduating.

  • MatthewEisner Matthew Eisner

    Matthew received his B.B.A. in 2013 with a concentration in Consumer Behavior.  His research interests lie in sensory perception (particularly relating to the arts, aesthetics, and technology), persuasion, behavioral economics, decision-making, and digital markets.

  • MeganRyan Megan Ryan

    Megan graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2013. Megan was one of the first members of the HAILab, and she enjoyed working with the other lab members while collecting data throughout the Winter semester. She is looking forward to continuing on to graduate school after taking some time to travel and work.

  • StaceySklepinski Stacey Sklepinski

    Stacey is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Medical Anthropology. Her academic interests lie in health behaviors and the cultural construction of health and illness. Stacey also works as a research assistant at the Institute for Social Research exploring how culture influences family trends.

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