About Us

Welcome to the Health, Attitudes, and Influence Lab (HAILab) at the University of Michigan! We use basic and applied methodologies to pursue a variety of interests relevant to attitudes and persuasion, with applications to health and health disparities.

To learn more about work in the lab, please read about specific projects below, or on the Projects tab. You can also send us a message by clicking on the Contact tab.


Current Projects

  • Attention to HIV-Prevention Information Who pays attention to HIV-prevention information and why? Does increasing attention to HIV-prevention messages influence health and health outcomes? READ MORE
  • Selective Exposure Bias How do we choose which information to pay attention to? How do we handle information we don't want to deal with? Do we make information selection decisions the same way for ourselves as for other people? READ MORE
  • Meta-analyses Meta-analyses synthesize the results of empirical reports to help identify trends across studies. For instance, what makes health interventions more or less effective? Do the things that work in the short-term also help people maintain change over time? READ MORE